Alarm system throughout store; remember roof top ductwork and air handlers.
All fences in good repair
Access to roof is protected
Windows locked and barred
Doors locked and barred
Roof openings secured
All locks modern and adequate
All external openings secured
Cash register drawer left open to prevent damage
Outside debris cleared away from building
Proper lighting around building
Cameras recording common access areas
Before locking up at night, verify no one is hiding in building
Keep a record of serial numbers of all merchandise and equipment
All checks should be logged and marked “For deposit only in account of:”
Safes should be anchored to building and easily visible from outside. Hiding a safe only gives the burglar better working conditions to be concealed while he works.
The outward appearance and security of the building will often determine whether or not it will be attacked. A clean, well-lighted building is seldom burglarized. Every opening represents a hazard- inspect and correct wherever possible.